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City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: California
Category: Engineering
Description: [MYNA] Hiring experienced semiconductor backend engnrs

Br. Mahbub bin Rashed is looking to hire experience semiconductor backend
engineers to work for his company in California. Interested job seekers
please contact Br. Mahbub at 512-775-5657 or email mbrrjz@yahoo.com

*Here is the job description for this position*

We are looking for good device/design level (member of technical staff and
sr. member of technical staff level positions) Engineers to work on
28/22/20nm design/process optimization related activities that include:
- Memory cell/array architecture optimization (SRAM, ROM, eFuse etc.)
for power, performance, area
- stdcells/routing optimization (power, performance, area) and
inplications of different design rules, transistor targets and process
on this type of design collateral.
- Understanding different design methodologies in CPU, GPU, Wireless
apps processors/baseband and optimize technology to support collateral,
reference flow and IP for all these markets.

The positions are in both Silicon Valley (more design centric) and New York
(more technology centric) in Globalfoundries.

Thx and regards
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