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Arabic and Farsi speakers wanted... Flag this post for misuse or voilation with care

City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: East Valley
Category: Education
Salary: $15/hr

Peace Catalyst International is seeking native Arabic and Farsi speakers for a new program called Flat World
Institute. The goal of the program is to help American families to experience
other cultures through language learning.


Please contact Jim Mullins if you are interested in helping
someone experience your culture. His contact information is: jim@peace-catalyst.net (480) 369 –


How much will I be paid?

$15 per hour


Do I have to be a professional teacher?

No. Our curriculum needs native speakers, not professional
teachers. You will not be expected to prepare lessons or lead classes. The
language learners will follow a predetermined curriculum.


How long is the commitment?

8 weeks per class


How big will the class be?

2-3 people of the same gender


Where will the classes meet?

Coffee shops, homes, or Peace Catalyst International’s
offices. It all depends on the preferences of the language tutors and learners.



This is a great opportunity to represent your home culture
and religion. Please help us spread appreciation of various cultures in the
East Valley. Feel free to contact us if you are interested or have any




Jim Mullins

VP of Strategic Initiatives



(480) 369-2068

Email: jim@peace-catalyst.net

* This poster may be contacted by you, only if you are a potential candidate. 
* It is NOT ok to contact this postor with any other commercial interests.

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