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City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: Worldwide
Category: Classes
Description: We offer all these services and many more:

* Academic essay and term papers

We will proofread any academic essay, research paper, or term paper--not
just English essays--for structural issues, citation errors (for
research papers), typos, grammar, spelling and register (tone and
vocabulary choice) that can otherwise damage a good academic paper. We
do not write papers; rather, we offer a "tune-up" service that improves
the performance of the already functioning vehicle for English
expression you bring to us!

* Resumes, Cover letters and applications

Let masters of the English language scour your resume, cover letter,
and/or employment application for errors that can cost you an interview.
Whether you want a resume or cover letter created from scratch, when
you send your professional information to a prospective employer, you
can rest assured it will be aesthetically pleasing, grammatically
flawless, and structurally sound!

* Other quality proofreading services

*Dissertations and Master's Thesis

*Research Reports

*Business Memos

*Business Plans

*News Letters

*Web sites

*Novels, Books, Short Stories and more


£5 per 1,000 words

£25 Resume (construction)

£10 Resume (proofread)

£15 Covering letter (construction)

£5 Covering letter (proofread)

Other proofreading services- prices vary
Email: ummmaryam2010@hotmail.com

* This poster may be contacted by you, only if you are a potential candidate. 
* It is NOT ok to contact this postor with any other commercial interests.

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