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Prepay for Eid goat/lamb before November 8,2010 Flag this post for misuse or voilation with care

City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: San Tan Valley
Category: Food
Description: We are "That Muslim Farm in Queen Creek," providing Qurabani/Udhiyah/Zabiha Meat services for over 20 years.  All our animals are raised from infancy or born on our farm and fed only grass and fresh water twice daily, receive no chemicals, antibiotics or hormones of any kind.  You can purchase livestock, kill, clean and cut your own with your tools, cleaning everything up yourself. Our family can do everything for you at a nearby AZ State unspected slaughterhouse where custom butchering is available.  A class in slaughtering, skinning, cleaning and simple cutting is also available at the farm.   Prepaid orders for the Eid are taken no later than November 8 this year.  Arrange a visit to the farm by appointment only.  Calls are welcome at 480-987-9856.

Archery Range on the Farm


Archery lessons are taught by a State certified archery instructor and marksman.  All equipment is provided.  To schedule groups or individuals, please call 480-987-9856.


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