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City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: chandler
Category: Childcare / BabySitting

assalamu alaikum,

dear sisters if you are looking for a baysitter to take good care of your kids while you finnish your arons during the day you are at the right place !!

iam a mom of a 3yr old son and babysitting in my house.. during i babysit we do fun activities and learn our numbers and alphabets..

GUESS WHAT!! your child will also be learning there numbers and alphabets not just in English but in ARABIC as well :)

we aslo learn good manners and cleanliness along with what prayer we are suppose to say before and after eating and when we enter the bathroom (if potty trained) ...

so you're not only keeping your kids at a safe place but aslo teaching them 2 languages ARABIC & ENGLISH along with good islamic manners insha allah and all that is gonna be under one cheap rate - 15$ an hour  for each child!

please feel free to contact me for more info & insha allah you'll find the answers you need at 4809079830 Reem..

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