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City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: chandler
Category: Retail/Food

salam if you're looking for a caterer of the followong foods:

halaal food menu and  prices :

Chicken & potato curry     8.00
Chicken tikka                    8.00
Beef curry                        9.99
Chicken curry                   8.00
Biryani                             10.99
ginger chilli beef
with noodles                      7.00
sweet & sour chicken         8.00

*all curries mentioned above is served with rice


samosa                            0.65 each
(stuffed with mince meat and potaoes)
vegie spring roll                0.50  each
spinach pastry                 1.50  each
roasted potato                  2.99
(cubed potatoes with special seasoning)

Salad :

Fattoush                   3.99                      
(vegies and fried bread cubes in olive oil)

my specials              3.99
(vegies,cheese and home style seasoning)

cucumber and yoghurt  2.99

*for detailed info pls feel free to contact me,
pls place your order atleast an hour ahead of time
for big orders as parties etc place your order one day ahead.
*pls inform me if you have any food allergies
thankyou very much,

Reema 4809079830

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