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City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: Tempe,Chandler,Scottsdale,Phoenix
Category: General Labor

I'm looking for 1-2 clients to fill empty spots in my schedule.

 What i do :

 I'm a personal assistant- and i do everything - you don't' get to do on your own. Maybe you have several chores and " to-do " things and you just don't get the time to finish xy and you wish you had an extra pair of hands- well that's where i come in. 

Some examples of my current client list:

 - Home care, keep the house organized, sparkling, laundry washed,ironed,folded away, buy the groceries, put them away,cook some meals for the kids.

Declutter ,- re-decorate, organize ( you know the nice organized closets you see in magazines ? ) that's what i do. Kitchen/ pantry, bathroom, all closets, shelves - even garage -everything in your house gets a " place " and it looks neat.

Personal care - i take clients to places they need to go, maybe you have an elderly parent that needs transporatation to a dr.'s apt ? pysical therapy ? etc- i have done it all- i'm driving parents of my clients to their apt's, physical therapy, chemo therapy- i wait for them at the office, take them back home and stay with them until their family memmber gets back. I provide personal care for them,, shower, clothes changing, grooming- taking them for a walk etc.  - I drive clients to hair stylist apointments and their shopping trips- basically- anywhere they need to go but don't want or can't go on their own-  i'm there.

Child care- for some of my clients i help out with babysitting - on days that their regular babysitter is absent or something unexpected came up - they call me

Party- Dinner-Wedding-Prom- Eid -

All those events- i have helped my clients with. Prep. some food, prep their homes or other facilities for the big events, help with the huge piles of dishes. Make sure their guests are taken care of and provided with assistance for whate ever they need.

When you are over your head with the wedding preparations and you have a ton of family coming to visit from all over the world - you want them to feel comfortable and taken care of - but you are busy running arround from apt to apt and scheduling the photographer a nd the flowers and the catering - i'm there to take care of those " smaller " things but important to you and your family.


As you can see- i am a skilled and talented person and all my clients can confirm that. You can get phone numbers from my existing clients to ask for feedback and references.

On top of that i have medical school training and experience . I have worked several years as medical assistant in Scottsdale and in Phoenix hospital. Also i have a certificate in home care for elderly patients. " Personal care attendant " So i know what i'm doing.

You have to call me at least a week before your event so i can try to put you in my schedule. If you have a big event ( like wedding ) coming up where you need to schedule me for several days in the row- i recommend you call me asap- it's barely beginning of april -and i'm allready scheduled for almost all weekends in may - all weddings.

I work all hours- mornings, afternoons and late evenings- i stay till all the guests have left.,or until you need me.

my number is   480  238 8492


Email: d_mayda@hotmail.com

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