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City: Phoenix, AZ
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Sultan Education Welcomes you!



2040 S AlmaSchool Rd # 22 - Chandler, AZ 85248

(480) 593-7066
: sultaneducation@msn.com


Sultan Education is a network of
teachers and students committed to illuminating the hearts with Islamic
education through comprehension of the Holy Qur’an and pure
Prophetic traditions (Sunnah). We follow the methodology laid down by God’s
Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) which is essentially based upon two
dynamical factors; (1) crystal clear knowledge and (2) practice with true
sincerity to Allah. Our path is that of the majority which is the mainstream and
most moderate.

Our main focus is the youth since they are the most vulnerable to
society’s pressures. As Muslims here in the United States and Canada we face two
really tough dilemmas, (1) social decay and (2) being a religious minority. Our
objective is to deliver the rich knowledge of the religion that our children
direly need to preserve their faith and educate them on how to practice it with
moderation and clarify it to others with wisdom and gentleness.

Unfortunately we live in a time where most people have strayed away from
the guidance laid down by the prophets who were undoubtedly the most influential
people in the history of humanity. They were so because they planted the seeds
of faith and certainty in God’s existence and Oneness and displayed the best
examples of human behavior and conduct.

Just as rain helps the land with water and is a cause for fruitful trees,
so is the pious Muslim. A practicing Muslim is a positive and glowing figure who
contributes to the betterment of any society. When learning the genuine Islamic
teachings one is geared to look within him/herself and start cleansing the heart
from doubts, disbelief, and confusion and then stands sincere and loyal to the
honorable teachings of the great Prophets like Jesus, Moses and Muhammad
among many others.

Our times have been tainted especially with those contaminated with ill
teachings while camouflaging themselves with Islamic verbatim and appearances.
Those people are of extreme danger to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Our
most effective remedy against their plague of ignorance and extremism is to be
well fortified with the pure Islamic knowledge. Sultan Education is open to any
forum of dialogue, public or private to show the truth of Islam, and to
challenge with religious proofs the people of mischief and chaos. We are
prepared to safeguard our environment against what harms it and let the masses
discover the dryness of their mirage, and the weakness of their embellished
arguments. This is our responsibility as learned Muslims.



Sultan Education’s Services include: coordination of after-school
educational programs and in-home sessions for children, teenagers, and adults as
well as weekend classes. We offer assistance with academic studies to the
secondary level and E.S.L, but our main subjects of study are the Holy Qur’an, Arabic grammer and Islamic studies. Other services include
public speeches at schools/colleges and functions as well as religious advice
and counseling both in-home and at prison/rehabilitation institutions. Holy Qur’an recitation (Yaseen, and other Surah’s) is
offered to the Muslim community for life’s different

Give us a call or e-mail us and we’ll get back to you as soon as

 (Servant of the Religion)

Sultan Salim Kaddoura

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