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Displaced family needs a house to rent Flag this post for misuse or voilation with care

City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: All Valley
Category: In Need
Price: negotiable

A Local Sister 
and her husband  are both elders caring for her sister who is special needs
and a nephew who is also special needs and works for Wal-Mart wants to work in a WalMart where they will be living in the valley... brothers Job
will start on Oct. 11th  and then they will be secure to keep
the rent paid with no problem also the sister gets SSI and she will be
contributing as well. They are good people just having a rough time right now
..The brother has excellent computer skills and also office skills he use to
work for insurance companies.

Right now they
are staying in a week to week hotel and it is costing 300 a week .. So they still
have some monies left but are running out and needs to get situated as soon as

They are very upfront and honest people.

They can be
reached at this number      619 715-9719

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